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Scooby-Doo Comic Book Revue #03

My review of the third issue of the new Scooby-Doo comic book, Scooby Apocalypse. This one doesn’t fare as well as previous issues.

A Blog Named Scooby-Doo!

Scooby-Apocalypse-3-2-600x923SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #3 (DC Comics)

  • W: Keith Giffen/JM DeMatteis
  • A: Howard Porter/Dale Eaglesham

In the modern comic book market the typical length of most serialized stories is five or six-issues. There are exceptions to this rule, sure, but this is an accepted and unsurprising practice. Not five or six-issues because they need to be, mind you, but because it makes it easier to bundle them up when it has completed its run on the comic book shelves so they can sell them in the bookstores for $25 a pop.

Why is this relevant, you ask?

Well, by adhering to this narrative structure the third issue of any story invariably ends up being one of two things: everything either starts to go off the chain and there’s a major paradigm shift for the story or the characters, or things get quiet and the characters get a chance to catch their collective breaths before their…

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Consider This: Valkyrie (2008)

For Your Consideration

I recently watched Valkyrie for the first time and I was surprised to hear that, upon its release in 2008, it was not at all received well by critics or theatre-goers. Most of them complained about Cruise and the accents or just said that they found it a bland thriller  that suffered from a lack of tension since we all knew Hitler survives the assassination attempt only to kill himself a year later. Having no knowledge/recollection of this attitude towards the movie I went into it thinking only of how the friends I have who had seen it had all spoken well of it. I went into the experience looking forward to seeing a powerful ensemble cast and just hoping I would get a solid World War II thriller out of it.

I believe this is exactly what I got, and maybe a bit more.

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For Your Consideration Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Audio Commentary)

This weekend I had two events sort of dovetail into each other: I saw Captain America: Civil War and circumstances outside of my control left me without a new episode of my podcast, FYC, to release. Rather than simply ignore the latter, I decided to combine it with the former and set about recording an audio commentary for its predecessor, and my favourite Marvel film, 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Continue reading “For Your Consideration Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Audio Commentary)”

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