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For Your Information: George A. Romero Getting a Star on the Walk of Fame – It’s About Flipping Time!

A small piece I wrote about George Romero getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I feel like it’s kind of a big deal, or at least about time.

For Your Consideration


With the news dropping this week that the beloved father of modern zombie culture was getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2017 I think it can be said that there was one collective thought running through just about every horror fan’s head; it’s about time!

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For Your Information: James Cameron’s ALIENS Was Released 30 Years Ago Today

A personal remembrance of my first viewing experience of James Cameron’s Aliens on its 30th anniversary.

For Your Consideration


30 years ago today James Cameron unleashed his action/thriller masterpiece, Aliens, upon the world and, unbeknownst to him, on an unsuspecting 13 year-old kid from the sticks. This is his story.

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Plot Details For S.C.O.O.B. Have Been Released

Upon the release of Warner Bros. production details for the new movie, S.C.O.O.B., I wrote down some of my thoughts.

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Last week, and to everyone’s surprise, Warner Bros. released the plot summary for their 2018 film, S.C.O.O.B. The film, which is being written by Matt Lieberman and directed by Tony Cervone, is to be the first of several films Warner wants to make based off of the Hanna-Barbera stable of characters. Through this, they also hope to create a shared H-B film universe, much like Marvel Studios has cultivated and like Universal Studios is planning with their Universal Monsters characters.

The summary is as follows:

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Russian Emissary Speaks on Campus

This was a small article I wrote in 2001 shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City. The main library at the University of Saskatchewan was holding an exhibit involving the works of Alexander Pushkin and the Russian Cultural Attaché was scheduled to come down to campus and check it out. I was slated to cover the event as I was one of the main Arts and Culture writers at The Sheaf but a couple of weeks before he arrived things took an unexpected turn.

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The Cooke, The Thief, The Bat, and His Ego

This is an article that I had written for my university newspaper, The Sheaf, aroundabouts 2001 or 2002. I conducted a lengthy and entertaining interview with Canadian cartoonist Darwyn Cooke at the time [unpublished in its uncut form to this day] and used a smattering of material from it to pen this piece mostly discussing his brilliant one-shot, Batman: Ego, and the launch of the all-new, less egregiously sexist, Catwoman [the latter with writer, Ed Brubaker] for DC Comics.

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