Meanwhile… started life as a small independent web ‘zine that I published between 1997 and 2001.  It was entirely pop culture focused and featured articles, interviews, and reviews centered around comics, film, and music.

Somewhere in the mid-2000s a combination of hard drive crashes and website closings left the majority of that material, as well as later material I wrote for other online publications, lost in the ether. I had always wanted to do a recovery operation, digging through old storage devices and  enlisting the help of the Wayback Machine, and relaunch all those lost interviews and other pieces and now felt like as good a time as any to do it.

So, a new site, a new look, a new purpose.

The majority of the posts to the site, however, will be older interviews. I’m doing little write-ups with each one to give context and to reminisce a little about each individual piece so it’s not all reproduced content. Also, whenever possible, I’m trying to keep the artwork used consistent with how it appeared when published so if it appears sparse or dated that is entirely intentional. In the future I’m hoping to include interviews and other writing that for whatever reason have remained unpublished, and will be looking at possibly including fresh new material as well.

I hope you enjoy looking back at some of these old interviews as much as I do.