A review of one of the animated Justice League films from Warner Bros. and DC animation. Because I couldn’t be disappointed by just one Justice League film this year.

For Your Consideration


The WB animation division responsible for putting out shows and D2V films based on properties from DC Comics has a long history of just nailing everything they do. They have a tendency to get it right, whether it is telling new stories as in shows like Batman: The Animated Series, or in adapting seminal works like All-Star Superman and The Dark Knight Returns, Bruce Timm and his team of designers, storyboard artists, and directors, have time and again set the bar for quality in series and home video animation establishing an industry standard many studios are still trying to match to this day.

All good things come to an end, though, and at some point over the years that standard of quality has changed. The bar lowered. I am not exactly sure exactly when it happened (although I suspect it was with the release of Batman: Year One

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