It was never our intention to include Troll 2 as part of the show but we decided for this, our 17th episode, we would revisit a joke we made in our very first episode. It ended up being a really good show and surprised me with how serious we actually took our commentary of the movie. Not that we got all elitist film critic or anything, but we also did just lampoon everything about it. Also, it spawned an audio commentary which I will be reblogging here a bit later, which is cool.

For Your Consideration

Troll2FYC is very pleased to bring you a brand-new episode featuring the film you were probably least expecting to see, 1990’s cult-classic horror, Troll 2. That’s right. We were just as surprised as you to find ourselves sitting down and putting Claudio Fragasso’s visionary tale of druids, ghosts, and vegetarian goblins under the ol’ FYC hotlamps but we really wanted to pay off a throwaway joke we made in our very first episode and this is the result. Oh, and don’t judge a podcast by its self-deprecating description because you just might be surprised by what Dustin and Mike actually have to say about the best worst movie ever!

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