I really enjoyed The Legend of Tarzan when I saw it a couple of weeks ago and fearing that it might go the way of another Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, John Carter, I thought I would write a review of it and challenge people to check the film out in theatres and not wait for it to come out on video to discover it. It’s a fun and engaging adventure movie. I’d hate to see it fail and fade away into the ether.

For Your Consideration


Cinema’s latest foray into adapting the world of pulp characters to the big screen has arrived in the form of The Legend of Tarzan, and while the film looks like it’s on track to go down the same road of apathy and missed opportunity as the last Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, John Carter, did four years ago, I felt I should throw my hat into the ring and say some words in support of this entertaining and fun adventure story most people probably aren’t going to see.

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