This weekend I had two events sort of dovetail into each other: I saw Captain America: Civil War and circumstances outside of my control left me without a new episode of my podcast, FYC, to release. Rather than simply ignore the latter, I decided to combine it with the former and set about recording an audio commentary for its predecessor, and my favourite Marvel film, 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It’s a slightly different type of entry for the podcast, to be sure. Generally, we stick to evaluating classic films and Top 100 lists, making determinations on whether or not we believe them to be the greatest films of all time. From the inception of the show, however, I have always wanted to broaden the discussion and have been looking for opportunities to feature different content under the FYC banner. I considered this to be just such an opportunity.

I would have preferred to have not gone at it as a solo effort, particularly the first time around, but it was a favourite film of mine and, honestly, I don’t think I did that bad of a job. Ultimately, you will be the ones to decide that, though. 

I’m hoping to do more, solo or otherwise, and would love feedback so feel free to comment, here or on the other social media platforms that FYC uses.

via Audio Commentary – Captain America: The Winter Soldier