I’ve decided to introduce some new content by posting episodes of my film commentary podcast, For Your Consideration, here on the Meanwhile… page starting with our May the 4th celebration show featuring…yup, you guessed it.

I’m actually really happy with how this episode turned out. It’s probably my favourite that we’ve done, so far. I’ve heard a lot of Star Wars commentaries over the years and I can genuinely say I believe we talked about some stuff that I have yet to hear anywhere else. No easy task, to be sure. Also mostly regarding Leia, which is cool. It gets a little girl powery around the 7 minute mark. Good stuff. Check it out.

After a week on hiatus FYC triumphantly returns with a new episode featuring the 1977 space fantasy, Star Wars. Hosts Mike Jozic and Dustin Friesenhan are joined by returning guest commentator Sarah Van Tasselto talk about one of the most popular, culturally significant, and financially successful films of all-time. A great way to celebrate your May the 4th.

via Episode 13: Star Wars (1977)