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April 2016

Will Eisner: The Godfather of Comics

One of the singular pleasures of my time interviewing creative people was the opportunity to speak with one of my favourite cartoonists and a legend in his time, Will Eisner. I had the chance to interview Will – who spoke to me by phone from his home in Florida – in March of 2000. We talked about his seminal creation, The Spirit, his work as an educator, and his relentless spirit of innovation [no pun intended].

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David Silverman: You Can Take The Man Out Of Springfield…

Late in 1999 I was tasked by my editor at The Sheaf to go and cover the Eric Malling Commemorative Lecture being held on campus in the Place Riel Theatre. Not a hard pill to swallow as the speaker was none other than Simpsons director, David Silverman, in his only lecture appearance that year. He was no longer on staff with The Simpsons at that time but he came down, talked about his time on the show, did some voices, sketched characters for the audience, and then sat down with me for a tête-à-tête after the show.

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Brett Matthews: Finding Serenity

This was a short interview I did with Brett Matthews in June of 2005. At that time I had a really good relationship with Dark Horse Comics and had done a number of interviews with their talent pool and organized a couple of events on Silver Bullet Comicbooks through them. Brett used to be Joss Whedon’s assistant during the Buffy, Angel, and Firefly periods so it’s entirely possible that I originally conducted this interview hoping to include it as part of the ongoing Buffy Post Mortem but it ran instead as its own standalone piece to promote the new Serenity prequel comic that DHC, Joss, Brett, and Will Conrad were about to unleash on fandom.

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Dave Gibbons: In High Spirits

In early 1998 I was thrilled to snag Dave Gibbons to be the feature interview for Meanwhile…‘s second issue. It was only a quick conversation by email but I was still elated to have the co-creator of Watchmen appearing so early in the life of my little web ‘zine. It was also pretty cool that Dave was working with Will Eisner and Kitchen Sink Press to bring back one of my favourite comic strip characters of all time, The Spirit. And, boy, did they bring him back!

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Russian Emissary Speaks on Campus

This was a small article I wrote in 2001 shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City. The main library at the University of Saskatchewan was holding an exhibit involving the works of Alexander Pushkin and the Russian Cultural Attaché was scheduled to come down to campus and check it out. I was slated to cover the event as I was one of the main Arts and Culture writers at The Sheaf but a couple of weeks before he arrived things took an unexpected turn.

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Bear McCreary: The Shape of Things to Come

This interview was originally published in two parts over two weeks in July of 2005. The second season of Galactica was premiering and interest in the show, and in Bear’s music, was on the rise. Seeing as Bear is now one of the most highly sought after composers with numerous CD releases of his television, game, and film scores to date, this interview is a neat look back at a particular moment in time in the career of one very focused and talented musician not yet privy of the shape of things to come.

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Troy Nixey: At the Ground Zero of Weirdness

This interview was conducted in early 1998 and was probably published in Meanwhile…‘s fourth issue not long afterwards. It was the first, and only, time I interviewed the very talented Troy Nixey although I had known him for a bit as a really interesting local artist and comic store regular. Troy was a good sport and helped me out by agreeing to be interviewed early on in Meanwhile…‘s life, sitting down with me in my living room late one afternoon and chatting about his very particular brand of storytelling which, I’m pleased to say, has only grown more sophisticated and interesting with time.

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The Cooke, The Thief, The Bat, and His Ego

This is an article that I had written for my university newspaper, The Sheaf, aroundabouts 2001 or 2002. I conducted a lengthy and entertaining interview with Canadian cartoonist Darwyn Cooke at the time [unpublished in its uncut form to this day] and used a smattering of material from it to pen this piece mostly discussing his brilliant one-shot, Batman: Ego, and the launch of the all-new, less egregiously sexist, Catwoman [the latter with writer, Ed Brubaker] for DC Comics.

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Bruce Campbell: Ten Amazing Questions


This 1999 email exchange with The Evil Dead‘s very groovy Bruce Campbell was my first of two conversations that I would have with the King of the B-Movies. It was also one of my very earliest interviews [and noticeably so].

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